Wax Stair Models

Experimental wax model of stairs from my thesis

Experimental wax models of stairs (from my thesis)

Wax modelWax modelWax modelsThis series of wax models explores the form of illusive staircases. The Escher inspired designs are intended to create the illusion of infinite loops or spaces. The forms were then used to develop an interior spatial experience for one of the architectural interventions for my thesis.

Final Images and Project Statement

This sensory device explores the concept of the ‘echo’ through the manipulation of sound. An echo is usually experienced in a large open space, so I wanted to investigate how this phenomenon could be designed as an object at a more intimate scale. The form is constructed of many triangular facets intended to reflect the sound of ones voice back at the user in a variety of ways. The black surface is also reflective to create a visual representation of this idea.

The first echo device is intended for a single user. You can speak into the object and move it around to experience the different reverberations. The experience becomes a personal contemplation as someone only hears their own voice. The size indicates the ability to scoptithe form up with two hands.

The second object features two connected ends for multiple people to speak into. On one side the large angular form is designed to reflect the sound back at the user. There is a gap in the middle to allow some of the sound to pass through to the other side. Another person can then either listen to this altered sound quality through the smaller section, or talk back through this. People  interacting with the object can then start to hear their voice mixed with their own echo.

Echo model for a single user

Echo model for multiple users

Interior of echo models

Showing echo model in use